Magnetic energy is now recognized as one of the greatest natural forces in the universe. However, it is not just a recent story; it has its own history. It was discovered and practiced by the Egyptians and Greeks thousands of years ago. Scientists have established that this invisible energy goes through all material substances, effecting living beings, influencing their behaviour, mental well-being, physical energy and biological well-being.

Multiple experiments have made it possible to find out that there are different and contrasting effects for the two separate magnetic poles on the metabolic functions. In terms of the biological responses, the separate negative and positive poles are as opposed and distinct as night and day, as the cold and as the heat, as acid and alkaline.

Efects on the metabólic systems

Negative magnetic energy 

Increases oxygen in the cells.

Eliminates fluids and gases. 

Reduces the retention of liquids.

Stimulate and restores deep sleep

Fights infections.

Aids biological curing.

Reduce inflammation. 

Normalizes the balance between acids and bases.

May lessen and prevent symptoms. 

Soothes and take away the pain.    

Sharpens your mental agility and reasoning.

Reduces and dissolves accumulation of fat

Positive magnetic energy

Reduces the oxygen.

Causes fluid and gas accumulation.

Increases intracellular edema (swelling).

Provokes insomnia.

Propitiates the growth of microorganisms

Inhibits curing.

Increases inflammation.

Increases acidity.

Encourages mental hyperactivity.

Increases the pain.

Depression and boredom

Encourages the deposits of fat

The most straightforward way to apply magnet therapy is to directly apply the magnet over the zone to be treated, being especially careful to select the correct pole.

Normally in magnet therapy, the North pole of a magnet (-) is applied directly over the area to be treated, though in some cases the South Pole (+) is used.
Use of low intensity unipole magnetic fields of less than 1000G for strictly therapeutic objectives.
North pole (-) as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic (painkiller)
South pole (+) to activate and revitalize.

*in the file section, you can download five basic techniques for magnet-therapy.

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