This is a revolutionary method which is unlimited in terms of diagnosis and prevention. It offers outstanding benefits for human health. It was discovered in Mexico by Dr. ISAAC GOIZ® DURÁN in 1988. He was a doctor and a therapist but above all a great person who generously taught us how to apply this bio-magnetism to a whole range of illnesses and disorders, as well as to significantly increase the quality of our lives.

Biomagnetism is a therapeutic treatment which uses medium intensity magnets to reestablish the organism’s biogenetic equilibrium and thus enables the patient to recover good health. Magnets are placed on specified parts of the body and thereby they can correct energy disfunctions and eliminate the pathogenic effects of virus, bacteria, fungus and parasites.

According to Dr. Goiz® discoveries, different specific combinations of microorganisms produce the majority of illnesses suffered by mankind, even those which do not always have a microbic etiology, as are diabetes, cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sclerosis, lupus, Alzheimer’s and  glaucoma, among others. With biomagnetism, many patients improve significantly and rapidly.

All of this progress, which though it is difficult for many people to assimilate, required a lot of years of patient investigation by Dr. Goiz® into the field of therapeutic energy. This is also part of vibration medicine, and it reveals the important to the health of many the great number of vibration energies and electromagnetic waves that run through the human body.

Dr. Goiz® Durán maintains that through medical biomagnetism all pathological illnesses can be diagnosed and treated by therapy and effectively. These afflictions are healed by seeking an energy equilibrium, thus enabling the organism to achieve an optimum level for the patient’s good health.

Biomagnetism is a new therapeutic discipline which seeks bio-energy equilibrium. If this is altered both virus and bacteria produce functional repercussions. This therapy studies, detects, measures and corrects the fundamental alterations in pH of organisms. When the pH is in balance, after biomagnetism, any pathological infections the patient may suffer are corrected.

This new insight from the medical therapy is able to identify the etiopatiogenesis of all viral and bacteria illnesses, as well as all glandular disfunctions. The therapy measures the changes in pH the micro-organisms provoke in the body organs.

The biomagnetism system is so simple it is able to work with potent but harmless magnets. However, the results are impacting. Round or rectangular covered magnets are used. They are, easy to handle and the colours identify the polarity of each magnet face. A person’s health may be cured by the magnetic fields produced by magnets greater than 1000 gauss.

The discovery of Biomagnetic pair® confirms the physical, biological and energetic duality of live organisms. This is made evident through the pathological and pathogenic manifestations of well defined positive and negative poles which are out of balance for the organic entropathy necessary for good health.

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